PERFECT PREP EQ™ Gold Complete Calming Pellets

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Product description

Considered the world’s most powerful show safe calming pellet, Perfect Prep EQ™ Gold Pellets now contain added pre-event soreness support and added gastric soothers for even more complete show prep.

  • Combines the power of Perfect Prep EQ™ Gold Calming Paste with soreness support and gastric soothers in an easy-to-feed pellet for simple administration with feed.
  • Contains calming, soundness and gastric support to eliminate distractions and create a profound sense of calm and wellbeing.
  • Effects begin immediately and peak after 4 to 6 feedings.
  • Works well alone or as part of the Perfect Prep EQ™ Calming System
  • Contains no prohibited substances.
  • Now more powerful and palatable for complete calming support!


Caution: Effects may be profound. Evaluate each individual horse’s response to this product prior to performance.

Suggested Use: Feed according to chart with AM and PM feed, with a feeding 4 hours prior to event. For late day performances a mid-day feeding is suggested. (For maximum effect, the last feeding of Gold pellets should fall 4 hours prior to performance time.) Effects begin after 1 feeding and peak after 4 to 6 feedings. Continue as needed during performance days. 1 scoop = 40 grams. 1 scoop is considered 1 dose.

Tips for Best Results: Because every horse has unique challenges, we’ve created a system of calming formulas to help you bring the very best horse to your performance every time. Perfect Prep EQ™ Gold Pellets alone or as part of the Perfect Prep EQ™ Calming System. We strongly encourage you to evaluate the effects Perfect Prep EQ™ before your event to find the best product or combination of products to suit your horse’s needs.

For an even greater calming effect, use Perfect Prep EQ™ Gold Pellets as Step 1 in the Perfect Prep EQ™ Calming System.