ProtEQtor™ Immune & Allergy Powder

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Product description

“Health insurance” for your horse. ProtEQtor™ supports your horse’s natural immune function & response to regular seasonal allergies.

  • Supports the immune system when your horse comes in contact with new horses, such as during competition.
  • Use when your horse is under stress during travel.
  • Helps balance your horse’s immune response to regular seasonal allergies.
  • Contains no prohibited substances.

ProtEQtor™ should be administered in anticipation of transport and stabling where immune function is most challenged. Begin ProtEQtor™ 48 hours prior to transport and continue using for as long as your horse may be exposed to normal immune challenges. Use ProtEQtor™ daily to support your horse’s response to regular seasonal allergies, and daily during periods of everyday recovery.

Suggested Use: Administer 1 scoop twice daily for 5 days as loading dose. Reduce to 1 scoop once per day for maintenance.

For Travel: ProtEQtor™ supports your horse’s natural immune health when under increased stress from traveling.

During Competition: The immune support from ProtEQtor™ is useful during competition when your horse is in contact with other horses and where exposure to immune challenges is prevalent.

Allergy Support: ProtEQtor™ helps balance your horse’s immune system in response to regular seasonal allergies and may be used during competition when allergy medications are not allowed.

ProtEQtor™ is available in 8oz daily powder, 1lb daily powder or 60cc paste for picky eaters.

Please Note: ProtEQtor™ is ideal to use alongside your usual vaccination program. In no way should it be used to as a replacement for vaccines that protect against common diseases and viruses.


Active Ingredients: Immutek (IgG from Proprietary Hyperimmunized Egg Protein), Arabinogalactan, Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract.